Software for Sales Enablement in Manufacturing


Software for Sales Enablement in Manufacturing

Sales in Manufacturing is struggling without the right data and analysis of pre-Sales Calls, making it difficult to come into the face-to-face interaction with valuable content. The need to view hard metrics on each customer better demonstrates marketing ROI, and this is an important part of increasing win rates. Modern marketers in Manufacturing succeed in automating the Sales and Marketing process and work to enhance content for the Sales Call.

The Process of Automation

  • The process of automation for sales enablement in Manufacturing means improving lead flow and increasing conversions through all marketing channels.
  • Move beyond enabling sales reps to include automating the entire sales cycle for a comprehensive understanding of growing pipeline opportunities.
  • Boost revenue across your Sales and Marketing teams as well as channel activities.

Sales Performance Management

Identify the behavior of your top sales reps and duplicate that knowledge across your team. SKURA enables sales reps in Manufacturing to collaborate and share Sales Call data post-Sales Call. When a sales rep goes in for the Sales Call, they gather valuable information from the customer. Coming back with this data and analysis enables Marketing to execute stronger campaigns that are shared with all sales reps.

Driving and Executing Strategic Goals and Objectives

  • Aligning the Sales and Marketing process means aligning objectives between the two departments. This way the process gets streamlined and both departments can agree on lead definitions within the pipeline.
  • Leverage data and analysis to use quantitative objectives as part of an integrated, strategic approach.
  • SKURA matches strategic initiatives to the sales execution process. Accelerating the sales process, capturing new customers and optimizing performance all play part in a successful sales enablement strategy.
  • Executing strategies to figure out which campaigns are flourishing and which should be dropped works to align the selling process and empower the Sales team to succeed in performance.

Staying Competitive

Stay competitive in the Manufacturing industry by constantly adapting to customer demands. Increase commoditization, decrease resources and work within a competitive landscape where sales enablement will take you to the next level of customer engagement. Best-in-Class manufacturing companies treat their Sales and Marketing departments like they treat their manufacturing lines – demanding more accountability, more sales enablement KPI’s and less waste.

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