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Plan : Content Hub

Mobile Sales App

Your content on any device, running any OS

Plan : Easily Import Content

iPad Sales App

Simple to Import & Distribute Content

Plan : CRM Integration

CRM Integration

Seamless integration with your CRM


Organize : Custom Playlist

Real Sales Enablement

Create custom playlists

Organize : Create Presentations

Pharma CRM Software

Simply drag n drop slides to present and share custom presentations

Organize : Content Compliance

Sales Performance Management

Ensure content compliance across your entire team


Present : On Any Device

Digital Detailing Application

Present from any device, running any OS

Present : Custom Navigation

Digital Detailing

Sample of custom navigation from one of our agency partners:

Out of the box or custom Navigation

Present : 3D Rendered Content

Custom 3D Content from one of our agency partners:

Present 3D Content on SKURA

Present : Remote Conferencing

Digital Sales Aids


Share : Secure Email Follow-up

Share individual slides, complete presentations, or custom presentations to meet your clients needs.

Secure email sharing of the requested content

Share : Publish to Portals

E Detailing Pharma

Extend the sales call outside of the face to face interaction.

Publish to personalized web portals

Share : Social

Publish to your social channel of choice.


Analyze : Sales rep dashboards

Sales Analytics Software

Give your team performance data.

Analyze : Executive dashboards

Pharma Sales and Marketing Sales Enablement Kpi

Real-time live actionable insights

Executive Dashboards

Analyze : Predictive analytics

Go beyond simple content indicators and automatically act on the data that will improve your targeted customer communications.

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40,000+ salespeople globally trust SKURA's adaptive sales enablement platform to improve their customer interactions. We align sales and marketing teams, and dramatically improve business results.


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