Video User Guides

Video User Guides

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Everything From the Basics

This useful video series teaches everything from the basics of the user interface of our digital detailing application, accessing your digital content, updating content, through more advanced features like importing content to SKURA SFX.

Digital Detailing Application

SKURA SFX is a digital detailing application recognized by industry analysts as the next generation solution for Mobile Sales Enablement & CLM (Closed Loop Marketing). It facilitates in the execution of the optimal Sales Call by enabling your sales force to leverage interactive and engaging visual aids, PowerPoint presentations, reprints, customer surveys, and product data to plan and deliver an optimal sales call.

SKURA SFX is deployed in over 33 countries, with almost 80 brands actively using our software on mobile devices, which all translates to over 30,000 reps using SKURA SFX on a daily basis around the world.

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40,000+ salespeople globally trust SKURA's adaptive sales enablement platform to improve their customer interactions. We align sales and marketing teams, and dramatically improve business results.


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